Products for the Shotgun Shooter

Jim’s Ear and Eye offers shotgun Gear in Jacksonville, FL and also ships shotgun accessories all over the country. Jim Cunningham has been in business for 20 over years specializing in products for skeet, clay, and sporting shooters. Our chokes and weights are top-quality and perfect for the shooter looking to improve his aim and or accuracy.  

We sell a variety of Ponsness Warren products and accessories. Ponsness Warren makes premium, affordable products for the shotgun shooter. Some products sold by Ponsness Warren include the 800 plus, the 375 C, and a variety of other products. 

shotgun gear jacksonville, fl

Shotgun Chokes

Jim’s Ear and Eye offers a large selection of shotgun chokes. Our sizes include cylinder, skeet, modified, full, and others. We also have a wide variety of brands including Beretta, Browning, Kriegoff, Remington, Ruger, SKB, and Winchester Chokes. 

Shotgun Barrel Weights

Shotgun Barrel Weights

Need to better balance your shotgun? Look no further! Our catalog of shotgun weights is sure to meet your needs. Jim’s Ear and Eye offers weights that range from 5 oz. to 14 oz. and these are made from top quality material sure to meet your shotgun needs. 

Shotgun Accessories

Whatever you need, We’ve got it! Our accessories include Ponsness Warren tooling kits, shell counters, and a variety of other products. We sell ‘The Good Stuff’ – the shotgun shooters favorite accessories. This includes Bore Snake Cleaner, HIVIZ Sights, and much more!

Shoot with the Pros

We have the largest selection of shotgun products.

Return Policy: We offer a complete refund on any product where the error was ours. If the wrong product is ordered the refund will be less the shipping costs.

Shipping Policy: Due to rising costs and lower profit margins I can no longer ship Free for most products, Those items that still allow free shipping have no shipping charges added, they will be shipped free. The minimal profit margin for the P/W reloaders make it impossible for me to cover the cost of shipping. I have added the cost of shipping such items. International orders have a minimum charge of $25.00 for small items (Less than 1 pound) larger items will be billed the exact cost of the shipping