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Shotgun Barrel Weights are designed to help balance your shotgun. I’m Jim, the owner of Jim’s Ear and Eye, and I’d like to share my experience.

My Experience with Shotgun Barrel Weights

In 1976, I came back to the US after a Med. Cruise, US Navy. I hadn’t touched a shotgun in 6 months, but I got right back into the skeet world. During this time, I was winning events with the 3 small gauge events. However, when I took the tubes out for the 12 Ga. events, I was shooting 95/96, and in AA class, that was daunting. I decided that the difference in weight and balance of the gun was the problem, so I needed something to compensate.

Dad was a retired machinist, so I asked him to make me a 12 Oz weight. I hung this on on the barrel to give me the same balance as with the tubes. After this, I ran the next 400+ 12 Ga. targets I shot at, which aroused interest in the other shooters who knew I had been struggling. I was asked if some of them could try one. I asked Dad if he wanted to make more, and as far as I know, we were the first commercial weight maker.
Dad is gone now, but he taught me just enough to continue making weights.
Many guns, semi auto’s, tube sets, and even barrel sets tend to be muzzled, light, and whippy. The shotgun barrel weights compensate so you are only shooting one gun, no matter what the Gauge.

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